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Coming Rewards
To get the current list of your coming author rewards
please click the "Refresh" button and wait for the process to finish:

To get the current list of your coming curation rewards
please click the "Refresh" button and wait for the process to finish:

Claim Account Ticket
Here you can claim new account tickets, which you can then use to create new Steem accounts. The tickets can be paid with STEEM or resource credits (RC) and they don't expire over time, so you can collect them without the need of spending them for new accounts immediately.

Payment Method
Create New Account
To be able to create an account you first need to claim a ticket in the section above.
You currently have 0 account tickets available.

Account Name  
Key Generation
Master Key  
Type Private Key Public Key
Public Keys
This option should only be used for creating an account with already existing public keys for the defined account name! Do not use the public keys from any other account, because your private keys will differ and you won't have access to the new account.

Request Account Recovery
Here you (the recovery account) can initiate an account recovery request for all accounts, in which your account was defined as recovery account.

In case you want your own account to be recovered, you need to contact the owner of your recovery account and send him your new public owner key (which you can create with the Key Generator Tool on SteemWorld).

The account that should be recovered will receive the request as an incoming account operation and can start the recovery process within 24 hours by confirming the request in the 'Incoming Recovery Request' section below.

Account To Recover
New Public Owner Key
Incoming Recovery Request
After confirming an account recovery request you need to change the master key for your account (can be done with the Change Password Tool on SteemWorld).

For security reasons you need to wait for one hour after the account recovery took place to be able to change your password.

No active request found.
Expiration Time
New Public Owner Key
Recent Public Owner Key
Change Password
Here you can change the master password for your account. This will change all private and public keys as well, so please make sure to store the new password in a safe place before proceeding.

In case you have recovered your account recently, you need to wait at least one hour after the recovery process took place to be able to change your password with this tool.

Key Generation
New Master Key
Type Private Key Public Key
Public Keys
Delegator Delegatee
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Key Generator
Here you can create master keys for new accounts and for account recovery requests or see your private and public keys for your current master password.

In case you want to create an account without handing your master key to the creator, you can generate a key with this tool (do not forget to store it in a safe place!) and just export the derived public keys by clicking on the 'Export Public Keys' button below.

The account creator can then import the exported file and create your account without knowing any of your private keys.

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